Thursday, June 11, 2009

The chronicles of MJ and Slim: How They Met

The first time I saw her was in IPC class. As I entered the classroom, I knew nobody so I decided to sit in the back next to the pregnant oriental girl. Slim sat next to Zuniga (the quarterback of the school football team) and was on the opposite side of the room. I tried to make friends in school, even though I was still uneasy from the friends I had to leave when my parents decided to get another divorce and move out 50 miles away to Austin, TX. The oriental girl was constantly texting on her cell phone to her baby daddy so I had no way to communicate to the person sitting right next to me so I fixated my attention to the table across the room at Slim and Zuniga. Slim was skinny like me and had long straight untamed hair like I did. She was laughing and her laugh was loud, obnoxious and unique…just like mine. My curiosity struck me and I found myself leaning over the lab table trying to justify what was so funny. I figured that if she was anything like me that it MUST be funny. Slim had a permanent marker and she was catching Zuniga on his arms with thick dark strokes. Every time he tried to escape or pull away, she would make the harsh lines even darker and more intense. He wanted to move. You could see it in his face, it was hopeless for him I am sure he thought but I personally, thought it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my new high school life. She was my perfect match for the best friend I had been looking for and needing for so long.

The first time I met MJ was in my favorite class, IPC. At the time I figured I would sit next to something that was familiar. I had just moved from Midland and there was definitely an abundance of Mexican boys…and Zuniga fit the mold. It was fun for me to play the childish games of writing on each other for entertainment. I knew that it probably wouldn’t last forever…and then there was MJ. When I left Midland, I left my best friend…it was the hardest thing I ever had to do and I thought I would never find someone like her that I would connect to. Fortunately for me, MJ was even better than the friend I lost. My fondest memory of our class was when we would be at the “back” table…we weren’t sent there for any reason…this was just the only place where we could draw in peace. Now you may ask why did you need to draw in peace…what could you possibly need peace for to draw? Well it wasn’t necessarily peace we needed than it was privacy. MJ and I probably could have been beaten up for our crude and obscene depictions of our unknowing classmates. I remember one very fondly…we liked to call him “Peanut Head”…sad thing was…he really did have a peanut head. We would laugh uncontrollably in our back little corner and it was one of the best times in my life. We sometimes bring it back out and laugh just like we use to…it was a time where MJ and I would cut off the rest of the world and it was just us. MJ definitely made my transition from lonely girl drawing on Mexican boys in class to the crazy girl in the back laughing at some drawing pad with her best friend.

For those who are completely confused on the “peanut head” drawing…this should answer SOME of the questions. Attached are the sacred drawings of Slim and MJ. Never have these images been released to the public but make note of all the expressive and creative details of every image.

We were the bad girls that never talked mess to people in the school, we would just go into our little burn book and draw what we thought of them. Oh…those cruel city girls!

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