Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This may sound wierd but do you get that same tight feeling in your chest when you remember things in the past? I mean, there are times that something will either spark a memory or remind me of something I went through before. It could even be something small like the smell of apples in the school hallway of my Oklahoma middle school-or something big to the depression thoughts I was having at the end of my 4 year old relationship. Sometimes when these events/memories completely consume my thoughts, I get this tightness in my breathing, my limbs go numb and I feel like I am claustrophobic. Even to something so small as the smell of red apples. I think I have felt this since I was kid. It's just the more recent memories are so vivid, that the intesity can't and probably won't decrease. It's possible that I am just nuts...who knows? ;)

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