Monday, June 29, 2009

The Locked Door

Slim and Ace took a cigarette out on the balcony and closed the glass door behind them. Chip and I were sitting opposite sides of the room watching Forrest Gump.
He then mumbles something like, “You think it would be funny if I could secretly lock the door without them seeing and then watch them struggle to get in?”
I laughed back with a response like, “You should do it! Look…they will never see you and then we could pretend like we don’t see them through the glass door. We’ll just continue to watch the movie and never look up!”

It was such a great idea!

Chip walked up close to the door.
I was the look-out (of course).
Nobody was watching…
Chip inched closer and closer to the door.
As soon as his hand was an inch away from the lock,
Slim ran up to the door screaming, “NO! Don’t lock it!”
Chip proceeded to run away and pretend like nothing happened. Slim then started banging on the door, “Let me in damn it! I don’t want to be locked outside!”
I proceeded to watch the movie…after all…that was the plan.
Slim continued to beat until it shook the house.
Ace, then came running and screaming to the door, “Let me in! Let me in! Let me in!!”
10 minutes later...
they are banging, pleading and screaming...
Chip finally just stood up and screamed, “What’s wrong with you?? We’re trying to watch a movie here! Can you not let your damn selves inside on your own?!”
Slim looked down to see ...
it was never locked the full 12 minutes she was banging on the door.

It was priceless.

It was WAY better than seeing the door ACTUALLY locked.

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