Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lesson Learned...

I learned today…

That when you’re tired, not just any tired…TIRED…
That it is okay to lay your weary head to rest

Yesterday morning Slim’s little brother was arrested and charged with multiple offenses. Already upset about this, her parents were pretty heart-broken too. We were supposed to go to the river with some co-workers and drink just a little bit, float and just relax from the stressful week. I know Slim was a little shaken up so I stopped her in the hallway before leaving telling her not to be so stressed or upset about her brother right now. In fact, the hour ride to the river, we didn’t say one word about the situation. I knew she was upset but I wanted her to be happy and I knew she was so excited to float the river.
When we got there, we had to wait in a line for almost 2 hours. There was no shade and no water. There was beer in the cooler, but I can’t stand the taste of beer. Anyway, after being burnt to a crisp in the line, we finally paid for the tubes and started the 2 hour float of a fun relaxing ride. I was drinking margaritas and had enough to keep an eye on Slim because she started getting pretty close to the limit with being loud yelling silly things. The river patrol walking along side the river waved her down but she turned around in her tube to pretend she didn’t see him. Some people around were motioning Slim that the officer was calling her but Slim ducked in her tube. Once the officer marked our entire group down (including her co-workers) to get out of the river. After sitting another half hour in the sun speaking with the cops about how we have no idea where she went. Slim had plunged under water and swam away! We got let go and I looked for her at the end of the river. I looked for her at the tube place. I looked for her back at the truck and after so long of waiting, 3 more hours had passed and I could barely even stand from the aching pain of my skin burns. After the long ride home, I found out that Slim was in jail. I couldn’t believe it! After letting her release all her emotions in the jail booking, they let her go and gave her a scare! Not knowing she was on her way home, I dropped off the friends that had car-pooled with us and dropped everything at home to drive back and get her out of jail. The sad thing was on my hour long ride up there, she had found a ride to get all the way back home. So I had to come back home after finding out she already made it home! What an effing mess! The minute I stepped foot at home, I dropped my purse and collapsed to the ground and just let go. I also fell hard asleep right there in the middle of the floor!
What a freakin day!


So …horrible day. No, not just horrible, immensely painful. My body feels like it is going to break apart. I wanted so badly to do that to myself but I knew that I needed to live up to what I did and take the punishment. Thankfully it ended in a way that really wasn’t that bad. I just was so disappointed in myself. That’s what hurts the most about the whole situation. Oh! One thing MJ did forget to mention was since I was taken to jail with nothing but my swim suit I had no keys to unlock our door after I was so graciously given a ride back home. So what did I have to do, climb up the balcony! I still don’t know how my slim little arms were able to handle supporting me to pull m self up onto the balcony. Needless to say, today I don’t want to do anything but enjoy lounging on my big red couch. Lesson Learned.


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